Acerca de Alfa Agroquimicos

ALFA AGROQUIMICOS S.R.L. is a company that has been dedicated for the last 17 years to the commercialisation of products for the horticultural and floricultural activity having as epicentre of activities Rosario's horticultural belt, that with an area of 5.500 productive hectares reaches 530 producers dedicated to horticulture, floriculture and fruitage who are permanently visited by 3 specialised salespersons accompanied by Agronomist Engineers.

Their offices are located inside the property that occupies the ROSARIO PRODUCERS MARKET, (Mercado de Productores de Rosario), and they cover the demands of the daily difficulties of those concurrent to the same one as well as those of the CONCENTRATION MARKET OF FISHERTON (Mercado de Concentración de Fisherton) and the FLOWER COOPERATIVE of Rosario, (Cooperativa de Flores de Rosario).

Datos sobre Alfa Agroquimicos
  • Tema central : Comerciante
  • Sector : Química

Cartera de productos de Alfa Agroquimicos

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